Limitless XL Capsules (300mgx40)


Limitless XL Capsules (300mgx40)

Limitless XL Capsules (300mgx40)


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A pack of 40 pills which each contain 120mg fresh mushrooms, 90mg lion’s mane mushrooms, 90mg vitamin b3



What is a Microdose?

The micro dose is a small dose of magic mushrooms. Around one tenth of an actual “tripping” dose. Taking a “microdose”, allows all of the newly discovered benefits of psychedelics without the intensity of hallucinogenic high. All you receive is a pleasant, eutrophic feeling, boosted mood, and intelligence. Mushroom help without the high!

Consumers of this product often experience:

Improved Intelligence

Psilocin (the psychedelic ingredient in magic mushrooms), binds and mimics your brain’s happy neurotransmitter, serotonin. This causes activities in various parts of your brain. This stimulation basically helps create brain cells nerve growth, allowing new connections and cells to form. More brainpower and different perceptions immediately start forming. Your brain then makes your glutamate rapid fire as well which altogether starts improving memory, cognitive functions, and ability to learn.

Improved Mood

Which more brainpower and connections, neuroplasticity is now possible by the serotonin-like neurotransmitter. This product causes new neural connections to form and different parts of your brain to be used, better allowing you to see your problems from a different perspective. This allows you to for the first time ever, out-think your problems. Helps with anxiety and depression.

Improved Focus

Now having multiple new perspectives, your mind tends to unfold its problems and automatically starts organizing your thoughts allowing for complete clarity of mind.  Helps with ADD and OCD.

Compassion and Connectedness

With new perceptions comes the ability to understand people in multiple new ways. Love for others will be at an all-time high. Relationships will improve.

Ego Dissolution

Psilocin allows a part of the brain (Default Mode Network or DMN) that causes self-reflection, analyzation, and stressful future and past concerns to go into a meditative state. Allowing you to look at life through an ego-free lens. Worry and fears alleviate and disappear.

Loss of Procrastination

With the DMN in a meditative state, you are free to tackle your problems in a stress-free zone. When you no longer feel burdened by the stress of a situation, it becomes easier to tackle.

2 reviews for Limitless XL Capsules (300mgx40)

  1. 5 out of 5


    Ordered the 120 mg’s and got the package within days. The product and communication was great! So far, my headaches are gone and i noticed my mood is very positive. Could not recommend enough : )

  2. 5 out of 5


    This supplement is a great blend! Its subtle yet the psilocybin and lions mane is just enough to get you feeling happy & thinking faster!

    The flush kicked in a little later and caught me off guard! Holy heck! Once the initial reaction subsides you can feel the niacin and psilocybin working together.

    I was worried about how they would mix the two but it turns out to be the perfect balance! Thank you

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